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Windsor Morph


Part# 99M033

Product Description: The Windsor Morph 99M033 is a single solar light fixture in a black finish that features an early 19th-century design. The Windsor Morph solar light includes three different mounting options: a post mount, pier/flat mount, and wall mount, giving you the flexibility to choose the best solar application for your outdoor solar light. Stylish and easy to install, this outdoor solar light is the perfect solar lighting solution for your outdoor space.

Dimensions & Specs


Duration: 25 hrs (Low Mode Setting)

Lumens: 300

Solar Panel: 6.6W

Construction: Cast Aluminum

Measurements: 10.5 x 11.5 x 20


Li-ion Battery: 3.2V/3000ma

Bulb: A-60 Warm White 2700K

Technology & Features

Constructed of weather-resistant, rust-resistant cast aluminum with a powder-coated black finish and beveled glass panes, the Windsor Morph incorporates our cutting-edge GS solar LED light Bulb and with our newest revolutionary solar innovation – Morph technology. This technology allows you to harness more power from the sun, by morphing a solar panel into the light fixture. This allows us the capabilities to deliver an even longer duration and a brighter light. At dusk, this solar lamp provides a brightness of 300 lumens in a warm white (2700K) color temperature with up to 25 hours (on LOW mode setting) when it’s fully charged. No wiring is needed. Just place this solar light in a spot with ample direct sunshine and let the sun do the rest.

Our patented technology that takes the conventional idea of a light bulb and incorporates it into outdoor solar light fixtures. Providing 360° light spread of a customary incandescent bulb with a 10-year lifespan

Designed to provide automatic dusk-to-dawn performance after a full day’s charge – 6 hours of direct, unfiltered sunlight on the panels produce a full battery charge (do not install in shady areas)

Integrated mono-crystalline solar panels with GS LED bulb and lithium-ion battery pack included. No electrical wiring is required for installation, offering an energy alternative to electric or gas-powered outdoor lighting.

constructed with weather-resistant and rust-resistant powder-coated cast aluminum, making it a durable and reliable asset to your home

High mode: recommended for the Summer months; allows you achieve a brighter light with a shorter duration; Low mode: recommended for Winter months; provide you with a longer duration while the brightness is 50% less in output.

WARNING: GAMA SONIC® solar light bulbs are not to be used in electrical sockets or in other company’s solar products

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