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imperial II

commercial grade triple headed Solar Post Lamp
Black Finish

Part# 97NF30

Product Description: The Imperial II Solar Lamp 97NF30 is a triple solar lamp head for both residential and commercial properties that features a traditional design. This solar light fixture comes with all necessary hardware for mounting and can be placed on any 3-inch outside diameter pole or 3-inch pier/ flat base. Stylish and easy to install, this solar post light is the perfect energy and money saving alternative for electric or gas-powered outdoor lighting.

Dimensions & Specs


Duration: 72 hrs (LOW Mode Setting)

Lumens: 900

Solar Panel: 8W

Construction: Cast Aluminum

Measurements: 10.5 x 27.5 x 22


Li-ion Battery: 3.2V/3000ma (x4)

Bulb: LED SMD Bright White 6000K

Technology & Features

The Imperial II Solar Lamp is constructed of weather-resistant, rust-resistant black powder coated cast aluminum and beveled glass panes. At dusk, the solar lamp will automatically turn on and provide illumination of 900 lumens (300 lumens per head) in a bright white color temperature (6000K) which will last all night until dawn. No wiring is needed. Just install this solar lamp in a spot which receives direct sunshine and let the sun do the rest.

Our patented cone reflector technology enhances the glow and multidirectional light dispersal

Designed to provide automatic dusk-to-dawn performance after a full day’s charge – 6 hours of direct, unfiltered sunlight on the panels produce a full battery charge (do not install in shady areas)

Integrated mono-crystalline solar panels with GS LED bulb and lithium-ion battery pack included. No electrical wiring is required for installation, offering an energy alternative to electric or gas-powered outdoor lighting

constructed with weather-resistant and rust-resistant powder-coated cast aluminum, making it a durable and reliable asset to your home

High mode: recommended for the Summer months; allows you achieve a brighter light with a shorter duration; Low mode: recommended for Winter months; provide you with a longer duration while the brightness is 50% less in output

WARNING: GAMA SONIC® solar light bulbs are not to be used in electrical sockets or in other company’s solar products

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